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The Gymnastics Academy is an excellent resource for schools looking to provide their students with high-quality gymnastics, trampolining & cheerleading lessons. With a team of experienced and qualified coaches, the academy can offer tailored programs for schools of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

The academy offers bespoke packages, such as workshops and school assemblies, to engage and inspire students and up skill teachers.

The Gymnastics Academy is committed to promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles among young people, and its facilities are equipped to meet the needs of schools and their students. With a focus on safety and fun, the academy is the perfect partner for schools looking to enhance their physical education programs. 

We offer gymnastics, trampoline, and cheerleading lessons that can be integrated into your school's curriculum. Our qualified instructors can deliver these lessons either at our state-of-the-art academy or directly at your school.

We offer after-school clubs for gymnastics, trampoline, and cheerleading, which can be held either at our modern and fully-equipped academy or on your school premises. Our experienced coaches can provide a fun and structured program that caters to all levels of ability, helping your students develop their skills and confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

We can help your school create competitive teams of gymnasts, trampoline gymnasts, and cheerleaders to participate in inter-school competitions. Our experienced coaches will train your teams to perform at their best, building their skills, teamwork, and confidence. We will also accompany your teams to competitions, providing logistical support and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

We offer reward days and one-off visits to our academy, providing a unique and exciting experience for your students. Whether as a reward for academic achievement or simply as a fun day out, we can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your students.

We provide specialised gymnastics, trampoline, and cheerleading lessons for students with special educational needs (SEN). Our experienced coaches are trained to work with students of all abilities, adapting our program to meet their individual needs and goals. Our inclusive approach ensures that every student has the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence, regardless of their abilities or challenges.

We offer coaching courses and CPD opportunities to help up skill your physical education teachers. Our expert coaches provide practical training and theoretical knowledge, covering topics such as gymnastics, trampoline, and cheerleading coaching techniques, safety procedures, and lesson planning. We are committed to supporting your teachers in their professional development, ensuring that they can deliver high-quality physical education that promotes physical activity, skill development, and confidence-building for your students.


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