Parent & Toddler Classes

Ages 4 Months to 3 Years

Parent & Toddler Classes

Nurturing Life Skills and Adventures

At The Gymnastics Academy, we are dedicated to helping children develop into confident, adventurous individuals through our expertly designed programs.
Connect with your little one and help them develop strength and motor skills as you both learn, play, and grow together.
Our classes are about more than gymnastics; they are about transforming your little ones into big dreamers, supportive team players, and confident individuals.

The Gymnastics Academy Experience Takes Kids From First Steps to First Flips™

Holistic Development:
Our lessons build confidence, enhance memory retention, and aid sleep development.

Filled with Smiles:
Every moment at The Gymnastics Academy contributes to your child's growth and development. Our programs are transformative, empowering, and filled with joy, setting a foundation for a lifetime of success.

Join the Adventure:
Start your big adventure with us, because it's not just about gymnastics; it's about building a foundation for your child's future.

Learn & Grow Together
We believe that parent and child gym classes are a crucial opportunity for parents to stay active and bond with their children. It’s never too early for your little one to start learning, moving & having fun. From infant to toddler, our parent and child classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child’s critical first three years.

Why Join Our Parent and Toddler Gymnastics Classes?

Strengthen Bonds:
Experience the joy of teamwork as you and your child motivate, support, and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Developmental Boost:

Our classes enhance motor skills, balance, and coordination in children, while parents enjoy a refreshing workout.

Social Connections:

Engage with a community of like-minded parents. Share experiences, tips, and form lasting friendships as your children play and learn together.

Safety Assured:

Our facility is equipped with child-friendly apparatus, and our instructors are trained to ensure a safe environment for both parents and children.

It’s all about having Fun:

From songs and music to basic tumbling and gymnastics skills, parachutes, balls, and bubbles, our classes are packed with activities that guarantee laughter, learning, and a good dose of endorphins.

Class Breakdown

4 - 10 Months: Get your baby off to a great start and watch them grow. Parents and children are surrounded by a supportive group of friends.

11 - 18 Months: Now that your child is on the move, there’s a wobbly world of wonder to discover. Help them build strength, develop coordination, and meet other new explorers.

19 - 30 Months: Embrace your little one’s newfound independence in an environment where your child can climb, roam, and explore.

30 Months - 3 Years: Our classes are structured to harness your toddler’s energy and actively encourage independence.


Our parent & toddler membership package is just £39.99 per month for unlimited classes each week!


Are you ready to start one of life's big adventures?

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